Residential gardens

Residential gardens

We create residential gardens from a scratch, also in a “design and build” formula. We implement projects provided by the Investors. We can maintain your garden all year round, so that you can enjoy it's charms without stress. A well-thought-out garden is not only a barrier blocking an uninteresting view or simply an attractive lawn. A garden from Garte is a relaxation zone and  an important living space of your house!

Why is it worth building a garden with Garte?
  • Garden provides you contact with nature right at your doorstep.

  • A well-thought-out garden emphasizes the qualities of your house but also discreetly hides its weaknesses.

  • A garden improves air quality, stops pollution and smog.

  • A garden increases air humidity in your house.

  • Each garden pays off your debt to enviroment. Trees absorb CO2, flowers provide benefits to bees, and shrubs serve as a canteen for birds.

  • Your own garden gives you the opportunity to grow fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs by yourself.

  • Each garden lowers air temperature, reducing energy requirement for air conditioners.

  • A well-designed garden is also an investment. It is estimated that a beautiful garden increases the value of the property by up to 15%!

What distinguishes gardens built by GARTE?
  • We design with attention to detail. We use well-thought-out and proven solutions, but we do not avoid innovation.
  • We analyze all aspects of using the garden: from good communication, through ensuring privacy to protection against winds and comfort of use
  • We use materials of the highest quality and provide professional workmanship.
  • We only use trusted material suppliers.
  • We offer beautiful, large-sized solitary plant specimens from the best European nurseries.
  • Our team ensures a high work culture and order at the construction site.
  • We provide rainwater solutions for garden irrigation.
  • Being sure of the quality of our work, we are happy to maintain and service a garden.
How we work?
  • We start from talking about your needs, expectations and preferences.
  • We analyze a habitat and soil conditions in the futuregarden.
  • We develop various conceptual designs with visualizations
  • We discuss and alter the concept, the result of which is the final garden design, accepted by the client.
  • We prepare a cost estimate for work and an work schedule.
  • We try to fit each budget, looking for optimal solutions.
  • After accepting both schedule and a budget, we proceed to the work itself.
  • We build paved surfaces, irrigation installations, fences, small architecture, at the end of the works we plant greenery and lay turf.
  • We take care of all details and everything grows!
  • After completion of the works, we provide the Investor with a maintenance report, which is the garden's operating manual.
  • We offer constant care of the garden, as part of which we take care of the greenery, clean the outside areas, and perform minor maintenance works at the house.

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