Green bus shelters

Green bus shelters

In city centers, every piece of greenery is worth its weight in gold. Therefore, micro-enclaves are created alongside busy routes. Bus shelters with a green roof have many advantages. They collect water, cool the air, provide a shelter insects and birds. We offer design consultation and greening bus and tram shelters with light but durable green roofs.

Why is it worth to install green roofs on bus shelters?
  • Bus shelters in city centers usually have an area of ​​about 10 m2. Even such a tiny roof can be green.

  • During most of the year, a green roof needs no watering, because the drainage-retention system collects water that plants can use in dry periods.

  • A typical green roof on a bus shelter can absorb over 7 kg of CO2 per year. Along with that, poisonous gases and components such as ozone, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, ammonia and some amounts of sulfur dioxide are absorbed!

  • A multi-layer structure of roof provides water accumulation. With optimal rainfall distribution, such a roof can save up to 90% of the annual rainfall!

  • Species selected for roof greening require minimal maintenance. We use plants that naturally grow in dry places, often having ability to accumulate water.

  • Energy is absorbed from environment during transpiration. As a result of this process, the ambient temperature drops by as much as 10oC. This process, combined with high thermal insulation properties of the green roof, means that under such a roof air may be up to 3-5 deg. C cooler in summer!

  • A green roof in the city is a green landing site for insects and birds.

What distinguishes green shelters made by Garte ?
  • We have experience in cooperation with constructors in the construction of bus shelters.
  • We always analyze all aspects, i.e. the load-bearing capacity of the roof, safety of use and service, possibility of drainage and securing emergency overflows as well as resistance to wind suction.
  • We care about high quality of substrates used and the good quality of workmanship. Due to the extremely difficult growing conditions for plants, the quality of products must be the highest.
  • We carefully select species, preferring native, highly resistant to difficult urban growth conditions plants.
  • As a result of a series of experiments, we have developed an optimal technical solution for dry and warm climate in Greater Poland. Our solution will certainly be perfect for other regions of Poland.
  • Our team ensures efficient nigth-time installation, without any need interfere with traffic
  • Being sure of the quality of our work, we are happy to carry out the maintenance and care of the established green roof.
How we work?
  • Each design process starts with a detailed consultations with design office. We analyze technical issues to choose the best solution available.
  • We analyze local conditions and prepare the investment, optimizing logistics and assembly so, that it is as little burdensome for passangers as possible.
  • On the basis of the design, we prepare a cost estimate and a work schedule.
  • After accepting both a schedule and a budget, we proceed with implementation works.
  • After completion of works, we provide Investor with a maintenance manual.
  • We offer maintanance of the bus and tram shelters, as part of which we take care of plants, carry out cleaning works, and take care of optimal growth conditions.

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